Krupp Farms Strawberries

Strawberries are on RIGHT NOW!!

I get super excited for strawberries during the summer. I almost missed them this year because the winter was so long. It just doesn’t feel like it should be time for strawberries…but…I drove past Krupp Farms and the sign was out.  So, over vacation, of course I HAD to stop by.
I was really nervous that they would not be open because it pretty much downpoured every single night over our vacation, but I picked a bright and sunny morning to go down there and they were open.


I ended up getting 30 pounds of strawberries. I know what you are thinking…what is a girl to do with that many strawberries?  To tell you the truth, I think I am obsessive compulsive when it comes to fruit 🙂  I started out thinking that I would get one flat (about 12-15 pounds if you pile it full). At $1.50 per pound, that is a bargain. But, as I was picking, I realized that the strawberries looked so big and juicy… and alluring apparently, because I went and got a second flat. My thought was that I would do a lot of strawberry jam and strawberry rhubarb jam this year, so I wanted to have some left over just for eating.


Yeah, it only took me a little over an hour to pick 30 pounds of strawberries. I immediately know the error of my ways as it took me ALL DAY to wash and prepare them 🙂  Then came the problem of stowing them. My fridge and freezer was full of strawberries for the next couple of days. I spent all day one day jamming. Now I have about 3 batches of freezer jam just begging to be eaten. We used the last of the strawberries this morning on top of pancakes. Wonderful!


If you are in the area, stop by Krupp Farms to pick up some strawberries for yourself before they are all gone.  They are super helpful and will always tell you when they are planning u-pick times. If you don’t want to pick them yourself, they do have already picked strawberries available.

Address: 8025 Krupp Ave NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321

phone number: (616)- 887-8271


Do you get a little OCD about fruit picking or is it just me?


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Time for new running shoes, woohoo!

I have been loving this summer weather. I was depressed as hell getting kind of down because I thought that the summer was almost over. I’m not sure what I as thinking, but Nathan pointed out that we are not actually into the summer months quite yet 🙂  I think that all this thinking about training plans for my October race was playing mind games on me.


Anyways, I have been making an effort to run everyday during my vacation because I just LOVE early morning runs, and I rarely ever get to do them. I usually have something going on in the morning on the weekends, whether it is boot camp with the neighbors or grocery shopping at the crack of dawn (we try to get to the store and back by 8am on Saturdays). So, while on vacation, seize the day, is what I say.


Since I was not really on a training plan last week :), I felt like I could stop and take lots of pictures of the beautiful surroundings without feeling guilty. I LOVE where I run. It is fantastic with lots of hills (I don’t like that quite as much) and lots of wildlife.

I also have been thinking about getting new running shoes. I currently have the Saucony Guide 6 running shows shown here. I have the purple ones. I love Saucony shoes. I always think that I should branch out and try different running shoes but I always end up coming home with the same shoes, just the newest model. (I had the Saucony Guide 4 before these).

I have problems with over-pronating and Achilles tendonitis, so I am pretty picky about my shoes. I have been having a problem with the Saucony Guide 6’s due to my right pinky toe and my right big toe rubbing against the sides of the shoe causing callouses. It doesn’t hurt, just looks like gremlin feet. I was pleased to hear that the newest Sauconys have a slightly broader toe box, so I am hoping this will solve all my problems. I will let you know how it goes. I was curious about how many miles I have put on these shoes, as it seems like I just bought running shoes. On further evaluation, I actually bought them in January right at the beginning of my half marathon training. These shoes have lasted me about 250 miles. I also wear these shoes for bootcamp and walks with Harley, which also puts unneeded stress on them.  My knees and shins are starting to ache after runs, even the easy ones. When that happens, I know new shoes are in my future! I think I will keep these and use them for walks and bootcamp, and dedicate my running shoes to just running.

Speaking of bootcamp, here is our bootcamp workout we did on Saturday morning. It was a great workout and was really good and working those running muscles!

(click on the picture to make it bigger so you can read it….I know…technology 🙂


Do you have more than one pair of running shoes at a time?

How many miles do you usually get out of running shoes?

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Anybody Else Got the Itch for a New Racing Plan?

I don’t know what it is about this summer, but I have caught the running bug something fierce!


Last winter, I started running just to stay fit. I had tried to run in the past but always got shin splints, so over the winter I got serious and saw a sports medicine doctor. He told me my error of my ways…I was running but not doing any other form of training. So, with adding cross training into my schedule along with weight training, my shin splints are good as gone.

So, I ran my first half marathon in April, and decided that I was done with training plans. I was tired of following someone else’s idea of what my runs should be. I wanted to rekindle the love of running just to run, not to beat some time or distance that was pre-determined for me. So, I took a week off running. Then another. Then I started running, but only 1-3 miles, never fast.

Look who I found on my long run this week.... we are kindred spirits, I tell ya

Look who I found on my long run this week…. we are kindred spirits, I tell ya

Then, over the last week, I got the running bug again. I have a dilemma though, because my 12 week training plan for my next half marathon doesn’t start until the first couple weeks of August. So, what is a girl to do?

I am running a 5K this Friday with a friend of mine, so that has kept me busy for the last couple of weeks. But, what next, you say?

Donkeys during a long run

Donkeys during a long run

I wanted to run the Traverse City Half Marathon in September, but that is the weekend of our anniversary, and Nathan didn’t want to hassle with spending the night in a hotel, running that race, then driving across the state to visit my mom (its her birthday that weekend too), all in the same weekend. The further I looked into it, I also noticed that I work the next 2 weekends after that race, and then my half marathon is 4 weeks after. I am not sure I can swing that and still give the Mackinac Island half marathon a fair shot.

Then, I decided that for the next 4 weeks, I am going to do a “get faster 5K in 4 weeks” plan which will help me re-establish my “base” of mileage, as well as get me a little faster before I focus on my distance running again.  That lasted all of 2 days and I got antsy.  I mean, speed work is all well and good, but I really want to do a DISTANCE PLAN!!

1: JUNE 22-28 S/S 3 2 or XT 3 30 min XT REST 3 11
2: JUNE 29-JULY 5 S/S 3 2 or XT 3 30 min XT REST 4 12
3: July 6-12 S/S 3.5 3 or XT 3.5 40 min XT REST 5 15
4: July 13-19 S/S 3 3.5 or XT 4 40 min XT REST 5 15.5
5: july 20- 26 S/S 4 3 or XT 4 40 min XT REST 6 17
6: JULY 27-AUG 2 S/S 4 4 or XT 4 40 min XT REST 7 19
7: AUG 3-9 S/S 4 4.5 or XT 4 50 min XT REST 8 20.5
8: AUG 10-16 S/S 5 4 or XT 4 50 min XT REST 8 21
9: AUG 17-23 S/S 4.5 4 or XT 5 50 min XT REST 9 22.5
10: AUG 24-30 S/S 5 4 or XT 5 REST REST 10 24
11: AUG 31-SEPT 6 S/S 5.5 4 or XT 5 60 min XT REST 10 24.5
12: SEPT 7-13 S/S 5 4.5 or XT 4.5 60 min XT REST 11 25
13: SEPT 14-20 S/S 5 4.5 or XT 4.5 40 min XT REST 12 26
14: SEPT 21- 27 S/S 5 4.5 or XT 4.5 40 min XT REST 12 26
15: SEPT 28- OCT 4 S/S 5 4 or XT 4.5 60 min XT REST 10 23.5
16: OCT 5-11 S/S 5 4 or XT 4 60 min XT REST 8 21
17: OCT 12-18 S/S 4 3 or XT 3 30 min XT REST 6 16
18: OCT 19-25 S/S 4 3 or XT 2 2 mile walk optional REST RACE 11

So, I made my own plan 🙂  I combined all the good parts of the Hal Higdon’s Novice Half Marathon (the cross training and strength/ stretch days), but added more weeks and a little bit higher mileage in the middle so I could really feel confident about the half marathon distance. The S/S means “stretch and strengthen”, XT means “cross train”.  (I actually combined the Hal Higdon plan with another random plan I found on the internet, but wouldn’t you know I cannot find the random plan, so I cannot give them credit!! I am such a bad blogger. If this looks familiar to you, email me and I will totally give you credit).

The good news is I start this week. The bad news…..I start this week 🙂  Be careful for what you wish for!

Tired but happy Harley after a walk/ run session

Tired but happy Harley after a walk/ run session

Do you have a love/ hate relationship with training plans?

What training plans have you used in the past, and what were your thoughts?

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Well, our vacation week is coming to a close, and I must say that I have had a LOT of fun this vacation. We usually do not plan anything when we take vacation, due to the fact that we LOVE stay-cations. I know. Weird right?!?  I find that my own bed, my own surroundings and the ability to just do what I want for a week is all the vacation I need.


I started the week on Sunday afternoon when I got out of work. Nathan told me to look at the forecast….bad move. It was rain the entire week. I was bummed. But, the weather gods prevailed and it was the perfect mix of sun and clouds throughout the week.

018 (2)

I managed to get in runs everyday this week, which was glorious.


We managed to get up to my Mom’s and Dave’s house up north to spend the day, and had lots of pizza, the best turkey club I have ever had, and wonderful Dairy Queen blizzards on the way home. I probably ate my entire calories for the week just that day. 🙂


And, I even toyed with the idea of registering for another half marathon in September. I’m still contemplating.

Have a great week everyone.

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Vacation Week

I am so happy to be on vacation, I cannot tell you! I worked the weekend and although it actually was a great weekend to work (not too busy, not too slow), and I got out 1/2 an hour early on Sunday, emotionally I was finished. So, Monday I slept in a bit until about 7am and then went for a run while Nathan mowed the lawn. It was a great day, if not a little too warm and sunny for my taste.

Beautiful day for a run

Beautiful day for a run

I realized that I had only run about 3 times last week, so I decided to take a slow 4 mile run. I started running at about 9am (I just had to sit in my PJs and have some coffee on my first day off !!), and that ended up biting me in the fanny. By the time I finished, the sun was super bright and super hot and it was starting to get a little muggy. Guess I need to make a mental note to start early.

I chose to run the back roads around my house, which coincidentally is full of rolling hills. I LOVE to run on the dirt roads though, and it was just what I needed to have a mental break from life. I ended up walking about a mile and jogging slowly for the rest of the time. On my way, I found this little guy.

baby bird

He was not afraid of me one bit, and I even walked up to him just to make sure he was alive. I was afraid for him because he was in the middle of the road and I could just see a truck come barreling down the road and squashing him. I did everything besides actually touching him to get him out of the road, and after about 10 minutes, he just slowly hopped all the way across the road and into the ditch…Weird.

It has been too warm to take Harley for a walk lately so I am missing our little outings. He helps me in the garden though, which we both enjoy. It is supposed to rain all week (it rains every time we take a week of vacation) but we are hoping to get out there a little  on Thursday. We will see.

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It has been a glorious week. I hope you all have been having a great week as well. I am not sure why I was feeling in such high spirits unless it’s the fact that I have been increasing my running mileage again and the weather has been fantastic. I am sad to say that Week 1 of “Deer Run Gets Fit Fast” challenge has come and gone. I was the lowest weight loser of the week, so I better get my tush in gear, that is for sure.  (I lost only 0.4 lbs). Awful…Just awful!

I'm disappointed!!

I’m disappointed!!

A couple of weeks ago I realized that I have had either a migraine or a headache constantly for about 2 weeks. I also realized that this is about the time that I haven’t been running very much. My third realization was that I never had a headache the entire time I was running my training plan. So, I have been gradually upping my mileage again, and lo and behold, I don’t have a migraine today. Woohoo. Maybe I have broken the code for no headaches?!?  That would be fantastic.


So, this week I have been running about 3 miles every other day. Just today I went out a did a slow 4 mile run which was amazing. I had lots of company today. The cows were out and were egging me on, I swear. I also saw horses and donkeys on my run but couldn’t justify stopping for photo-ops 🙂


Hope you have a lovely week.

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Weight loss challenge week 1

023 (6)

This week was the first week of project “Deer Run Gets Fit Fast”. Since I started my half marathon training plan in December, I have steadily been losing weight without trying very hard. Total I think I  lost about 15 pounds. It was a mixture of eating a little cleaner so I could run without having a sugar crash, as well as just the act of running more that caused that weight loss. Lately I have not been running nearly as much due to finishing the half marathon in late April. So, I was afraid that I was going to gain it all back in the “off” training months.  I have been happy to say that I have been able to continue to lose a little weight. I weighed in for my first week of our weight loss challenge, and I weighed 167.8 lbs. That means I had lost about 5 pounds since finishing the half marathon!  Woohoo!


So, my official weigh in is Thursdays. I don’t have a scale at home, so I am weighing myself at work on our office scale. I plan on increasing my activity little bit over the next month (I have a 5K that I am getting ready for at the end of the month), as well as getting back to my clean eating roots. Already, I have cleaned up my eating just knowing that I have to report my weight to the group 🙂  Ah, the power of peer pressure!!


To end the week with a bang, the girls and I got together for a 45 minute boot camp session yesterday morning. I was in charge of the workout so I picked core and legs to focus on. It was a doozy of a workout, and I am happy to report that I am SORE today! I barely could get out of bed this morning. That is a sign of a great workout.  In case you are wondering, here is the workout we did. Definitely do it if you want jelly legs tomorrow.

Found this on Pinterest and it is my motto for the summer!

Found this on Pinterest and it is my motto for the summer!



(2 minute intervals with 15 seconds rest between each set, do as many as you can of each activity in 2 minutes)

  • 5 minute warm up run
  • sumo squats with leg lifts
  • lunges
  • pushups
  • situps
  • plank

repeat x 3

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Weight loss challenge

Spring rolls around and I am usually just itching to get out of the house!  This year, I was crazy stupid smart enough to schedule my first half marathon for the last weekend in April, which meant that I had to run ALL WINTER LONG!  I did not even think of that, honestly, when I signed up. I know, runner of the year over here.

Flashbacks. I ran in this!!

Flashbacks. I ran in this!!

On a good note, though, I lost about 15 pounds and didn’t die! Hurray 🙂 Thanks Hal Higdon training plan.

So, now I am in a lull between my first half marathon, and my next half marathon, and all I want to do it eat …all the time. So, my neighbor and I decided that we are going to start a weight loss challenge. We have 4 people so far (including myself), and we are all starting this Thursday with weekly weigh-ins. The 3 losers have to pay the entrance fee for a race this fall for the winner. So, I keep telling my neighbor that she better get her skinny pants on, cause IT IS ON! Good think I’m getting that garden up and running cause that’s all I’ll be eating this summer. Just kidding. Not really. Maybe. 😉


We are doing the challenge for 16 weeks, which will put me well into my next training plan, so I’m hoping to lose about 15-20 pounds by November. Here’s hoping!


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Happy Late Memorial Day!

Hi all. I know, I know…I am always late to the party. I wanted to make sure everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and were able to spend it with your family and friends, and were remembering all the people who fight to make this country what it is.

I don't know why I love this, but I do. Your welcome!

I don’t know why I love this, but I do. Your welcome!

I for one, worked all weekend…again!  The last weekend was really really busy, so I was expecting horrible things to happen this weekend, but I was pleased to see that it was doable. Still busy, and I got out late, but doable. Not too shabby.

Now, since I worked the weekend, I have 3 days off…HURRAY!!

I started the 3 day weekend off right by taking down the garden (from last year…) and tilling up the spot for my garden this year. Normally I have everything cleaned up, tilled, planted and already growing by Memorial Day weekend, but this year was so crazy with the weather, and I worked nonstop in April and May, so I just didn’t get a chance to do anything with the garden. My neighbor (bless his little soul) was going to sneak over and till up the garden for me while I was at work!  Nathan was out washing the cars so he didn’t.  I have such great neighbors. 🙂

I broke my tiller last year….Funny story, Nathans mother gave me her tiller that she had used for the last 20 years. It ran great. It was a beast of a machine!  It would till down 5 feet (ok maybe not THAT deep) if you wanted it to. Anyway, I had it all of 1 season and I started it up and didn’t check the oil and it totally seized the engine so now I have a huge paperweight in the garage. Wonderful!  How was I to know that it needed oil?!? That’s Nathans job, so I blame him…naturally.  And, lesson learned, I was informed by Nathan that ALL engines need oil. Who knew?

Anywho, since I killed my tiller last year, I was able to borrow my neighbors tiller (which I hate to use other people’s stuff). I got all my garden tilled up in about 1 hour. So wonderful!  I have a birthday fund I am starting to buy a new tiller—August birthday–anyone…..

What my neighbor is probably thinking about the tiller!!

What my neighbor is probably thinking about the tiller!!

So, today my abs are super sore and my back is not happy, but I can look out my back window and see my little patch of dirt just begging for planting.

Crappy picture of my garden, showing off my lazy phone photography skills :)

Crappy picture of my garden, showing off my lazy phone photography skills 🙂

I upsized the garden last year, and immediately realized the error of my ways as I was pretty much growing weeds in there by the end of the summer. (Notice the subtle little line down the middle of the garden. One side grass seed, other side garden.) So, this year I downsized again and am much happier with my small garden. Bigger is not always better. Just sayin!


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Saint Patrick Festival 5K


I am happy to report that spring has returned…sort of. Harley and I took advantage of the warmish weather by going to our favorite park. Complete with lake. Harley’s ears have been bothering him lately so we are back to frequent ear cleaning and antibiotics, so unfortunately he could not go into the lake, which he seemed to be ok with. Surprisingly. Maybe he knows something I don’t!


I am getting back into running. I was on a roll last week and ran three times. My 5K time was actually getting faster. Then I stopped running…and got a migraine. I started thinking about it, and realized that my whole 15 week half marathon training session, I never had a migraine. So, I am getting back into running and we will see how that goes. I have signed up for a 5K to do with a friend of mine who is getting back into running as well. It is the Saint Patrick Festival 5K in Ada. It is nice because it is on a Friday night, so my friend (who works weekends) can still do it without taking time off from work. So, I better get my fanny in gear and start running so I will be able to keep up with her 🙂


Otherwise, not much is happening here. Boring…I know! Hopefully everyone has a great week.



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