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I am not sure if I have talked about it on this blog, but I have been having a dilemma regarding our meat purchases. Nathan and I attempt to eat the healthiest options available regarding our food choices. That means that I try to grow as much produce as possible in our backyard where I know it is free of pesticides or chemicals.

What I cannot grow, I buy from the local farmers market. Again, whenever possible I go to the organic producers, even though it is more costly.  It is important to me to by local as well.

Our meat is no exception. Since Nathan refuses to be a vegetarian,  I have searched high and low for  a farm that does not use steroids,  chemicals or hormones in their beef or chicken.  I want the animals to be allowed to live their little beefy lives until they have to be slaughtered. If I have to eat meat, I want the animals to be treated humanely and not suffer.  (I am not making any judgements and do not want to hear any comments on the good/ bad of carnivores!)

Creswick Farms fits the bill. They are very easy to use, and prices aren’t too bad. ($5.75/lb)  I usually buy beef and chicken twice per year in bulk and store it in my stand up freezer. If you spend more than $500 at a time, then they give you 10% off the entire order. They even deliver it to the local farmers market (you can also pick it up at the farm but I don’t like to see the animals).

I have never had a problem with Creswick Farms and I have been using them for the last 3 years. I had a bit of a snafu this spring where we noticed that the beef we bought at the beginning of the spring was pretty fatty (which is abnormal for Creswick beef), so before I bought more I asked the good people at Creswick what was up. They acknowledged that the processor added too much fat and totally credited my account for the beef order that I purchased last spring (20 pounds worth) no questions asked. Cannot get better than that right!?! I will totally continue buying my beef from them.

Only problem is that the chicken prices are a little high for me ($9/pound). While I love that the chicken breasts are packages individually and of good quality, I just cannot spend 9 dollars/ pound for chicken…cause we eat a lot of chicken. So, I am looking for alternatives.  I have heard of Zaycon foods and I have placed an order with them. I will do a review once I see how it goes.

Any suggestions on where to buy affordable organic grass-fed chicken breast near Grand Rapids, Michigan?

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