Happy Late Memorial Day!

Hi all. I know, I know…I am always late to the party. I wanted to make sure everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day and were able to spend it with your family and friends, and were remembering all the people who fight to make this country what it is.

I don't know why I love this, but I do. Your welcome!

I don’t know why I love this, but I do. Your welcome!

I for one, worked all weekend…again!  The last weekend was really really busy, so I was expecting horrible things to happen this weekend, but I was pleased to see that it was doable. Still busy, and I got out late, but doable. Not too shabby.

Now, since I worked the weekend, I have 3 days off…HURRAY!!

I started the 3 day weekend off right by taking down the garden (from last year…) and tilling up the spot for my garden this year. Normally I have everything cleaned up, tilled, planted and already growing by Memorial Day weekend, but this year was so crazy with the weather, and I worked nonstop in April and May, so I just didn’t get a chance to do anything with the garden. My neighbor (bless his little soul) was going to sneak over and till up the garden for me while I was at work!  Nathan was out washing the cars so he didn’t.  I have such great neighbors. 🙂

I broke my tiller last year….Funny story, Nathans mother gave me her tiller that she had used for the last 20 years. It ran great. It was a beast of a machine!  It would till down 5 feet (ok maybe not THAT deep) if you wanted it to. Anyway, I had it all of 1 season and I started it up and didn’t check the oil and it totally seized the engine so now I have a huge paperweight in the garage. Wonderful!  How was I to know that it needed oil?!? That’s Nathans job, so I blame him…naturally.  And, lesson learned, I was informed by Nathan that ALL engines need oil. Who knew?

Anywho, since I killed my tiller last year, I was able to borrow my neighbors tiller (which I hate to use other people’s stuff). I got all my garden tilled up in about 1 hour. So wonderful!  I have a birthday fund I am starting to buy a new tiller—August birthday–anyone…..

What my neighbor is probably thinking about the tiller!!

What my neighbor is probably thinking about the tiller!!

So, today my abs are super sore and my back is not happy, but I can look out my back window and see my little patch of dirt just begging for planting.

Crappy picture of my garden, showing off my lazy phone photography skills :)

Crappy picture of my garden, showing off my lazy phone photography skills 🙂

I upsized the garden last year, and immediately realized the error of my ways as I was pretty much growing weeds in there by the end of the summer. (Notice the subtle little line down the middle of the garden. One side grass seed, other side garden.) So, this year I downsized again and am much happier with my small garden. Bigger is not always better. Just sayin!


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