Weekly workout roundup


Boy these last two weeks have been a blur.   I have been running like fiend which has made me realize that I totally need to rework the basement where my treadmill is. My goals for the next two weeks (listen up Nathan, this means you!!) is to get my TV up and functioning with cable down there, figure out a better fan situation cause even though it is about 40 degrees down there, it gets HOT and move some boxes into the trash so I have more space to work out.  I think that’s doable, right?

Anywho, here is the workout roundup for last week. I made more of a training log notebook so it has made it really easy to track my workouts. I will use it for a few more weeks and then let you see how it is going.

Sun 12/22-Ran in the snow with Harley for about an hour, super hard workout.
Monday 12/23- Treadmill 3 miles/ 38:42 minutes at a pace of 4.5-5 mph
Tuesday 12/24-rest- woke up very stiff so did lots of stretching
Weds 12/25- Christmas!!- Treadmill 3 miles/ 40:58 (included a 2 min rest at mile 2 due to arch pain). Then did abs workout that included of of each of these: double leg raises, bicycles, crunches, side crunches, supermans
Thursday 12/26- Treadmill run 1 mi/ 13:57, then arm workout: (10 wall pushups, 10 triceps dips, 5 bicep curls, 1 full bridge, 10 incline pushups, 5 dumbbell pullovers, 30 dumbbell arm circles, 5 kneeling pushups, 10 triceps dips, 5 bicep curls- all x 3 for total of 15:48 minutes
Friday 12/27- rest.
Saturday 12/28- treadmill 3 miles/ 42:06- ran 4.3 mph , stopped after 1 mile to stretch ankle due to pain, felt better afterwards.


Sunday 12/29- rest. worked at the hospital late.
Monday- Treadmill intervals workout- 2.4 miles/ 42:15 (includes warmup for 2 minutes)
Tuesday- Treadmill 3.2 miles/ 46 minutes at pace 4.3 mph
Weds- rest- half hour stretching, body very tight and sore.
Thursday-1/2- Treadmill 2 miles/ 25:49 (4.5 mph pace) plus 1 mile intervals of 5mph every 90 seconds
Friday- was going to take a rest day, but at the last second did 10 minute workout including 6 alternating lunges, 7 jump squats, 8 curtsey squats, 9 air squats- do as many as possible in 10 minutes (taken from Carrots N Cake blog, thanks Carrots N Cake!!
Saturday- Treadmill 2 miles interval hills (warmup 0 incline x 5 minutes, entire workout at 4.7 mph, every 90 seconds incline up between 3-6 for 60 secs, then 1 mile of 4.7 mph flat= total of 39:05.

Then I got a massage yesterday to try to work out some tension in my shoulders. It was GLORIOUS!!

About Save the Treats for the Dog

Hi. My name is April. I am a runner, want to be photographer, and lover of all things dog. This is my space where I can keep track of all the Labrador antics as well as hopefully still maintain some semblance of a healthy lifestyle. Please come in and stay awhile
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