Winter Storm


I hope you had a very Merry Christmas with lots of fun and family time. On Monday Nathan and I made christmas cookies using Nathan’s mom’s recipe. I need to make them again just to iron out the kinks before I post the recipe here. But, suffice it to say they were fantastic.  We sat up until about 9:30 pm Monday night just frosting and decorating cookies. Christmas Eve I worked until about 3:30 at the hospital. I didn’t see many patients, but I felt very busy all day. It was a busy work kind of day. Weird.

We spent Christmas day just lounging around the house, it was fantastic.  I got a lot of things done around the house like laundry, cleaning the kitchen after the marathon cooking spree on Monday, and just got some lounging time. It was great. I also got a chance to look at all my pictures that were just waiting for me on the camera. I sometimes forget what is on my camera, and then I get a huge surprise when I realize what I actually have on there. 🙂


We had a huge winter storm over the last week. It was beautiful, but made driving insane. It started on Friday when I woke up to a sheet of ice on the road. All the schools were closed. Children were actually ice skating in the middle of the roads.


I was working in the office so I could not cancel my patients, so I had to make the trek in.


We had freezing rain and sleet like crazy all Friday and the weekend. It got so icy that we did not allow Harley to walk down the stairs because we thought he would fall and hurt himself. So, every time he needed to go out, Nathan or I would let him out the front door and wait for him to do his business.  He was not impressed.

Harley likes to go out by himself and just roam around. We have a big fence in the backyard, so usually we let him out whenever he wants to go. But, he could not understand why he couldn’t go outside. He would go do his business in the front yard, be let  back in, and then immediately go to the back door to be let out back to play. Needless to say it was a loooong weekend!

Please can we go outside?!?

Please can we go outside?!?

On Monday, it cleared up a little and started snowing. That was good news as we needed some traction on all that ice. Nathan took the quad with the plow out and plowed the driveway and then he had the bright idea to take the quad into the backyard and broke up all the ice in the yard to Harley could actually walk out there without falling on his face.


While he was doing that, I took a hammer and broke up all the ice on the deck and steps so Harley and I could get down them without breaking our necks.

Harley was so excited! We stayed outside for about an hour and just ran around the yard. I was trying to run fast enough that he could not catch me….that did not work. He is really fast….or rather I am really slow…especially in knee deep snow.

After that, we made Christmas cookies and called it a night.

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