"Momma, get off the treadmill and play with me!!"

“Momma, get off the treadmill and play with me!!”

Hi all. I was so excited to just had to talk about a new workout I did Thursday night. Cross fit.  I am not sure if you have heard of it, but it has been all over the internet lately. It is a workout that includes both strength and conditioning to enhance flexibility, strength and endurance. It reminds me a lot of boot camp…on steroids!  If you want to know more about crossfit, go here. The workouts incorporate repetitive motions, weights, and calisthenics to really get your heart pumping as well as building muscle.  About a year ago I started seeing crossfit workouts on the internet, but I was always pretty intimidated and never would have thought of going to the gym for a crossfit workout.

Until a few of the girls at the office said they were going and invited me to go. I contemplated it and thought, what the heck…what did I have to lose.  Apparently there are two crossfit gyms in Grand Rapids. The one I went to is off Ann Street which is great because it is right on my way home from work. I am not going to lie, the building is really kind of terrifying, especially at night. It really seems like it is a place that you should not be alone 🙂 . It was really dark and really rainy. The building is behind a junkyard and an old abandoned building. I figured that this would probably be one of the last places to get robbed though, since there are many very strong guys, no money and no valuables 🙂

It was kind of interesting though because it led to even more anticipation of the butt-kicking that I was sure was to come 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised. The room was full with about 20 people. Some men, some women. All of different shapes and sizes. I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only new one there. The instructors were really good about telling us what to do, and then taking special time with me to really make sure my form was correct and I was choosing the right weight to ensure I would not injure myself. There was another girl there that had been there for a while, and she also helped me when she noticed my form was not quite right. I really appreciated it.

We started by doing a warm up of jumping jacks, butt kicks, pushups, supermans, and high knees. These exercises were really familiar to me as I do them in my bootcamp exercise. Then we moved onto the real stuff. We had to do overhead squats (squatting down to the floor while holding a bar over your head) alternating with the rings where you lower yourself down and back up using rings hanging from the ceiling. It was a very difficult workout but they helped me make modifications using bands to help hold my body weight and a smaller bar so that I wasn’t lifting so much weight. That really helped to make it do-able for me. By the end of the night, I was tired!  It was a really good workout though and I definitely used muscles that I did not know I had. Here is a link to the workout in case you are wondering.  Yesterday was just a freebie day to see if I liked it. No charge, which is nice. Now, since I liked it so much, I have to go back to do a 3 session training program to make sure I know how to do all the exercises with good form. Then I can come to the sessions. I cannot wait.

You may be wondering why I am writing this on Monday when I went on last Thursday. Well, that is how long it took me to not feel like my arms are going to fall off!  On Friday I was not sore at all, but my arms still felt all loosey goosey. I had a hard time washing my hair because my muscles were so fatigued. On Saturday I started to get sore, but I had to cook Thanksgiving dinner for my family (more on that later) so I didn’t notice it too much. By Sunday, all I did was sit around because my muscles were so sore and I just could not peel myself off the couch. Today I am still sore and tight but it is getting better. Thank the good lord for that, because today I have to go back for my first “training” day to actually show me how to do the exercises. Wish me luck!

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