No, I have not fallen off the face of the earth!

I am so sorry for the long absence. I don’t know what happened. Well, actually I kinda do know what happened 🙂  LIFE.

I know that every time I get on this little blog of mine, I tell you how busy it is, how work has been crazy, how life has just gotten away from me. So, I am not going down that road.  What I will tell you, is that I was sitting around thinking lately about how lonely my camera has been, and how I miss just going out and shooting pictures. At the end of the summer I was so excited for fall. I had gotten my new camera and I could hardly wait for all the beautiful pictures of multicolored leaves and streams and what-not. Then, fall hit….

It has been rainy and dreary almost every day this fall. Not sure what that is about. Harley and I have been going out to the Nature Park for runs but I never bring my camera. All of the pictures that I have snapped this fall have been from my Samsung phone. You have no idea how sad that makes me!

I haven’t really been working all that much. Just my 40 hour work week. I’ve not been getting out late or anything that I can remember.  Funny how you feel like you are so busy, but when you look back at it, life has not been that hectic at all. Don’t get me wrong, I still come home from work, hop back in the car with Harley and go to the park for a run, come home and make dinner, laundry, household chores, etc so that by the time I finally sit down it is 8:30 at night and I am beat. But doesn’t everyone do that? 

So, moral of this story is that I have no cute pictures to share with you… I am sorry… The entire premise of this blog is that I take time out of busy life and do things that we enjoy and take time to just breathe. So from here on out I am going to try to be better at taking little moments to enjoy the scenery a bit more. And of course, liberate the camera from its bag!  Have a great week.

About Save the Treats for the Dog

Hi. My name is April. I am a runner, want to be photographer, and lover of all things dog. This is my space where I can keep track of all the Labrador antics as well as hopefully still maintain some semblance of a healthy lifestyle. Please come in and stay awhile
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