Business trips and fitness centers

Let me fill you in on a little secret….I really hate to travel!  I am not sure what everyone gets so excited about. If I must travel, I would definitely prefer to go by car…or bicycle…or canoe. Honestly, anything but a plane.

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Also, every year I need a certain amount of credits to keep up my Nurse Practitioner license. Which means that unless I want to spend endless hours racking up credits one at a time, an update or conference of some kind is a must. I had the opportunity to go to the Cystic Fibrosis Conference this week, but it was in Utah, which means lots of flying and time away from home. I did not think I could bring myself to do that, and I had thought that I would be moving into a new house by now and didn’t think that I could spare time away from home.  (The joke was on me, obviously). Anyhoo, I decided to go to the Pulmonary Update at the University of Michigan. I was so glad I did!

I worked a 7 day stretch ending on Monday of last week and it was an alright week. The weekend was busy but went by fast and before I knew it my day off on Tuesday was upon me. It started off really well. I woke up early, cleaned the house, did the dishes, went grocery shopping and ran with Harley.  Then I worked out boot camp style with Sarah in the afternoon (that reminds me, I should have put the morning run on my workout roundup. Oh well). Nathan usually does all the housework on the weekends if I am working but he was sick all weekend with a cold, so I also disinfected the house 🙂  Gotta stay healthy.

Then Wednesday hit. I took Wednesday off because I knew that I would be coming off my 7 day stretch and I knew that I needed to drive the 2.5 hours over to Ann Arbor Wednesday night. I pretty much sat like a bump on a log all day on Wednesday. Harley kept begging me to go to the park and finally at about 2pm I managed to change out of my jammies and go for a run. It was exactly what I needed. I then loaded up my bags and drove over to Ann Arbor.

Harley waiting and crying at the bathroom door for Nathan

Harley waiting and crying at the bathroom door for Nathan

Harley was very sad to see me go and started being very mopey with Nathan. Is mopey a word?     It’s like daggers in the heart!!


The hotel was really nice and clean. I stayed in the Sheraton. Usually the update is held at the University of Michigan hospital and parking is always awful. This year was so nice to just be able to stay at the hotel and walk to the venue. Plus they had a really nice little gym and pool. One of my physicians that I work with also went to the update, so it was nice to have a friend during the trip. The downside was that I do not handle sitting in a conference room for 8 hours very well. My college days are over, let me tell you. I am not sure how I ever sat through lectures in college….all day….5 days a week…every week. Just kill me now!

After the conference had wrapped up on Thursday night I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill. It was really nice and I had the gym all to myself except for one man who was running a few treadmills down from me. No biggy. I like having the gym to myself. It was so hot in there though that I really worked up a sweat. Then, I went back to my room, took a hot shower and ordered room service.


I know it doesn’t seem like much, but it was FANTASTIC!  I got the turkey club on whole grain with fries. Then splurged on chocolate lava cake with ice cream. I didn’t eat half the cake or the fries but still the caloric damage was probably pretty high. Good thing I have been working out so much last week 🙂

Then I went to bed at 8:45pm and slept like a rock. I woke up once during the night and felt so refreshed until I looked at the clock and noticed it was only midnight. Bummer. So I went back to bed. Apparently I needed my beauty sleep. Also, the bed had 4 down alternative pillows and a down alternative comforter and blanket. It was so cozy. I got a room with 2 queen beds so there was a total of 8 pillows in that room. Then, when I was leaving I found an extra one in the closet. Just in case 8 was not enough!

I came home on Friday afternoon just in time to miss Friday night traffic so all was well. I was so glad to be home. Harley was glad to see me as well, and spent the night cuddling me on the floor. He is just too cute.

Overall I learned a lot at the update. It was really interesting to see how much I already knew and it kept me up to date on the new studies and clinical trials being developed. I would totally do it again, and bonus…I got 14 credits to add to my stash. Woo hoo!

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