Mom’s Birthday and Flaming Tractor


Last weekend we spent some time with my mom, Dave and my brother Patrick and Tanya. Our anniversary was Sunday the 29th, and my mom’s birthday was the 26th, so it was nice to go up there and spend the weekend with them. We took the boy up to the campground Wooded Acres in Houghton Lake. Every year, Dave does an appreciation Saturday for the campers, staff and his friends where he dedicates a whole weekend to showing how thankful he is for everyone. Saturday, he always does a free pot luck dinner. He provides the meat, beverages, some desserts and the campers provide the side dishes. My mom keeps calling it the “pig roast” because the very first time he did it, it was a pig roast. Last year the “pig roast” was actually chicken on the charcoal grill, which was fantastic. This year, the “pig roast” was a fish fry. I am not a fish eater usually, but it was a hit. They fried 80 pounds of pollack and it was wonderful. I even went back for seconds 🙂



They also have an auction where the campers and Dave’s friends donate items to be auctioned off. There are some simple things like stuffed animals and kids toys, and then there are the more special items such as homemade fudge, chocolate zucchini bread and homemade Lincoln Logs which are super cool. Then there was the knife in my heart that was the blue lounge chair that I agonized over and finally decided not to bid on because I did not have a way to get it home. Not to mention that we are hoping to move someday and so we are downsizing for the move. The cushion on it was stained and would need to be replaced, and it needed a good washing. Other than that, it was wrought iron and the most wonderful shade of blue. Yeah….It sold for $15. My brother looked up the price of what that particular chair is going for….and it sells for $600! I am kicking myself now. Oh well, somebody got a great deal!  I am still jealous. After some digging, I figured out it was a Woodard 1962 chaise lounge. I was a little tempted to just go out and buy a chair like that brand new…Except then I would look at the price tag and cry a little. I just cannot swing a $600 chair. Even if it was made of diamonds!!


Harley ended up making friends with the littlest dog he has ever seen. Meet Seven. He was the cutest dog, and stood up to Harley like a king. He was not worried about Harley in the slightest, which is saying something since Harley could have crushed him with his paw!  Harley just kept sniffing him and looking at him. He was not sure what to make of him. He weighs all of 5 pounds 🙂


We went on a long walk with Harley, Nathan, Patrick and Tanya and my nephew Joshua and their little dog Piper. She is a miniature Dachshund. She is such a large personality in that little bitty body. I don’t seem to have a picture of her, and I am not sure why. Hmmm. I will need to remedy that in the future. She  is adorable!


We then watched the flaming tractor, which is the highlight of the evening. Last year I took video because I did not have my tripod. Of course, with my new camera, I had to have a go at taking some pictures. It was really difficult to take pictures that do this tractor justice as the night was pitch black, and then there is this huge fireball erupting from the tractor! These guys that run the tractor are INSANE!! They hook up a super large propane tank and to the tractor and somehow rig it to blow fire right up through the smokestack. They have a fire suit on, and still I fear for them the entire time. After the show you can see the steam just rolling off of the driver’s fire suit. The guy offered that I could come up and stand with him while he is working the show.


Um….Noooooo!!! Thank you sir, but not ever going to happen!  I am just happy to sit back and enjoy the show 🙂


Right as we were leaving, we saw the “Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday” sign. We must have walked by that sign a hundred times that day and never saw it 🙂 Yep,that is us. Super observant!! Thanks mom and Dave for the thoughtfulness and the wonderful weekend. It was really nice to come up and spend time with you guys.

Next up, Joshua’s birthday in a couple weeks. He will be a whole 22 years old in a couple weeks. Holy smokes, I remember when he was just born!  Boy, that makes me feel old!

Too see last years show, click here. If you are ever in the area, you should totally go stop in and stay at Wooded Acres in Houghton Lake, Michigan. It will not disappoint!

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