Vacation Wrap-up

I am sad to say that my 9 day vacation is coming to a close. Sadly, Nathan had to go back to work today. Sorry!!  I have one more day to bask in the vacation glow before I start my 7 day stretch of work.

Just lounging around

Just lounging around

While on vacation we made sure to do a lot of relaxing and hanging out at home. It seemed like we were really busy though. But, looking back on it, I am not sure what we did 🙂 Don’t you hate it when that happens!!

Last time we talked, I had reviewed our stay at The Shack. After we came home, we went to get the  boy from Lansing from the in-laws. Harley was of course loving the time with Annie and Bear. My husband’s aunt was visiting over the weekend, and she was missing her dog, so Harley got lots of love from her. He slept by her bed and of course woke her up at 5:30am everyday. It is really nice to be woken up at 5:30 am on workdays, as I like to hit the snooze button and he is a great alarm clock but it is really a drag when he does it on the weekends. Harley does not realize that we humans like to sleep in when not working, and that he will not starve to death if not fed at the normal time.

Despite the early mornings, Nathan’s aunt still loved him and he made up for it in cuddles and cuteness. He was sure glad to come home though and he slept like a rock. Ironically, he slept in until 8am Tuesday morning, which NEVER  happens. I enjoyed it 🙂

awkward random treadmill pic  :)

awkward random treadmill pic 🙂

We laid low the next couple of days, doing housework, laundry, and yard work. It was nice to get all caught up on that stuff. Then, on Thursday, the greatest thing happened….our treadmill was delivered!  I was so excited.

I had contemplated having Nathan and I just get it from the store and assemble it ourselves, but the delivery was only $79, and Dick’s Sporting Goods (where I bought it from) is about an hour away, so I thought it was worth it. Let me tell you, from the way the 2 muscular delivery men were groaning and huffing while they brought in the treadmill and muscled it down the stairs, the money spent was well worth it. This thing is HEAVY!  In about an hour, the treadmill was assembled in my basement and I was trying it out. I LOVE it.  I cannot do a formal review because I have only had it less than a week, but this thing is so high-tech 🙂  It has modes where it records 2 different persons workouts, has preprogrammed workouts, fan, speakers, extra long and wide belt…..WONDERFUL!  This winter, I have no excuses to not workout. 🙂

sneak peak of all the excitement

sneak peak of all the excitement

Then, over the weekend we went to Dave’s campground to see the Flaming Tractors. That is a whole other post altogether!

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