Peaches, Corn and Tomatoes, Oh My!

I ended my vacation this week with a bang! On Monday, Nathan and I got to freezing all the peaches. It was a big job, of course. You never really realize how many peaches come in a bushel….It’s a lot!


We saved about 15 peaches to eat and make peach pie. It was fantastic. It also did not stick around long so I did not take a picture. Suffice it to say, it was tasty!  🙂


We also decided to get a dishwasher on Tuesday. This deserves a little back story.  About 3 years ago, we decided to get a new dishwasher because the one that came with our house was really loud. We have an open floor plan and a loud dishwasher is not what you want in an open floor plan kitchen. We went out and splurged on a $650 kitchen aid dishwasher.  That apparently was our first mistake. When we got it home, it had a broken front panel that controls all the buttons. We spent the next month getting that fixed. That was our second mistake. We should have just sent it back. In the last 3 years, the really expensive dishwasher has been a thorn in our sides ever since. Then about 6 months ago (2.5 years after we bought it), it just went out on us. The motor was getting really loud and then the front panel just quit again. It would have cost us a fortune to fix it. So, we have decided to never buy a kitchen aid appliance ever again, to tell all our friends about it, and cut our losses and buy a cheap dishwasher. 🙂  So, on Tuesday, we went and bought a brand new Amana dishwasher for $299. Let me tell you, it is FANTASTIC!! No frills.  It does not do handstands, it does not sing me songs, it does not  make take fat from my thighs. You know what it does do?….IT WASHES THE DISHES! Shocker, I know 🙂

021 (4)

We went over to the in-law’s house and got corn. Let me tell you, we have found the best corn on the cob in the state!  It is from Pray Farm and it is fantastic.  We go there every year to get corn for the entire year. Last year, we bought 12 bags (13 ears of corn per bag). This year, we bought 10 bags which is an even 2 bushels.

We decided to get all the corn done on Tuesday night (after going to Lansing to get it, going to get the dishwasher, installing said dishwasher, and eating dinner). It was not our best decision. We started the corn at 7:30pm. Nathan sat on the deck with Harley and shucked all the corn. All 130 ears of it. That was great until it started down pouring. Good thing we have an awning that kept him mostly dry…Sort of.

019 (5)Good thing this little guy was there to keep him company 🙂

I was in charge of blanching the corn (boiling each ear for 8 minutes, then dipping it in ice water for 8 minutes) and then cutting it off the cob. All in all, it took up about 4 hours.  Side note, I did  not remember how much of a mess it makes in your kitchen!  I had corn in my hair and all over the kitchen. I had to de-corn the cabinets, wash all the appliances in the kitchen, and I even had to take off my glasses during the first 1/2 hour because of all the corn juice on them.  Not cool, people. Not cool.

016 (2)This is all that’s left of the damage. Harley was contemplating how much trouble he would be in if he just went for it and stole a couple ears 🙂

We lived to tell the tale though. I now have 43 freezer bags of wonderful sweet corn, making it an even 86 cups of corn for the year.  Hurray.

011 (6)

Cut to yesterday when I went to the farmers market and saw lots of tomatoes just waiting to be bought. I know what you are thinking…Don’t you have a garden, April, right in the backyard?!? With 25 tomato plants you ask? Well, yes. I do, but this year has been a heck of a year for tomatoes, and all my plants are withering and dying. So sad. So, I bought a bushel of tomatoes for 18 dollars and canned all day… ALL DAY! So, now, behold, beautiful jars of tomatoes!


Hope you have a great Labor Day!



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