Sad Harley

I am a sad panda!

I am a sad panda!

It has been such a rough week already and it is only Wednesday!  It started off with a bang when Harley accidentally stepped on my foot. Actually, he took a running leap and landed square on my foot and then pushed off of it with all his might. I knew it hurt, and thought it would leave a mark, but I was not prepared for the amount of bruising and swelling that ensued. I thought I had actually broken my foot. Not cool. So, I hobbled around here for the rest of the weekend and hoped that by Monday I could get my shoes on for work. I ended up being able to wear my running shoes…barely.  It was not fun.


Then, Tuesday morning at 3am, I woke up to hear Harley vomiting. It is never a good sign when that happens! Apparently he got into something that did not agree with him, because he was sick all night. It was very sad. So, he went to the vet who checked him out and gave him a clean bill of health, thankfully. I LOVE my vet Dr. Banks from Northland Animal Hospital in Rockford. They are always willing to work Harley in when he is in need, and they always seem like they care. Harley loves the vet as well, and always gets special attention when he is there. They even called today to make sure Harley is feeling better. So awesome.


Anyways, Harley did not get to eat or drink anything yesterday, and today he gets a special food from the vet. He is not very happy about it but he will live. He is just happy to be eating anything again!  So, today instead of going for a walk, we decided to go outside and take some pictures of some flowers that I had bought from Meijer. The sun was setting so I wanted to play with the light a little and see what I could come up with on short notice.






I think they turned out really well. Here’s hoping this is the start of turning this week around.

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Hi. My name is April. I am a runner, want to be photographer, and lover of all things dog. This is my space where I can keep track of all the Labrador antics as well as hopefully still maintain some semblance of a healthy lifestyle. Please come in and stay awhile
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