Holy Squash!

Crooked neck squash plant overtaking the garden!

Crooked neck squash plant overtaking the garden!

Hi all. I have been super busy this week with all the garden shenanigans. First, last week I didn’t even post at all because I was busy canning pickles. I am not sure how they turned out (I am still waiting for them to soak) but I will let you know how they turned out once I know it’s a keeper recipe.

006 (10)

Otherwise, I have been really having fun with my new lens. It is amazing how fun a new toy like a lens can be. I seem to have caught the bug on new lenses though. All I want to do now is go buy new lenses. Not a good thing for my wallet!!

044 (3)

Here is what Harley and I have been up to

Puppy Foot!

Puppy Foot!

I bought some fresh flowers from the farmers market and we had a little mini photo shoot out on the deck. Harley kept trying to eat the flowers and horn in on all the pictures, but I was able to keep him at bay. I think they turned out nicely.

024 (2)

On the garden front…I am overrun with squash. I planted two squash plants this spring, and really one will in the future. There is only so much squash a girl can eat.

001 (4)-2

So, yesterday I set up my deck as squash cooking central. I cut and de-seeded a ton of squash and rotated them into the oven. I cut each squash in half, took out the seeds, and placed them in a large baking dish lined with tin foil (shiny side down of course).  About 6 half squashes fit in the pan. Then I put about an inch of water in the pan, put 1/2 tbsp. butter in each squash and cooked them flesh side up at 450 degrees for 25-30 minutes. They were perfect.  Then I let them cool and scooped out the flesh and put them in ziplock freezer bags. We will enjoy them this winter!

026 (4)

I hope you all have had a great week.

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