new lens, Tamron 90 mm!

Hi all. I have some exciting news…I bought a new lens!!  I am so excited. I wanted something that I could shoot macro and portraits and this is definitely it. Sorry I have not posted in so long…I have been outside making sure the lens is all I thought it would be. I finally decided to download my pictures and guess what.

022 (6)


I had 986 pictures!  Youza!!   So, now I have to go through them and see what is there. Thank goodness I don’t believe in photo editing my pictures 🙂  That would be a nightmare 🙂

002 (10)

I had originally gone to the camera shop here in Grand Rapids (Norman Camera, if anyone is interested). I had the Canon 100 mm 2.8 lens in mind.  They listened to what I had to say and finally gently nudged me in the direction of the Tamron 90mm SP F2.8 Macro. It is fantastic. Of course it rained for a couple of days after that, and then I came down with a huge migraine headache, so I have been out of commission for a while. But tonight I went out and decided to just snap a few shots. Here is a taste:

003 (13)


049 (7)


053 (2)


062 (2)

Here is what I like about the lens so far-

1. it is super crisp.  I like my pictures as sharp and crisp as possible. This lens is really easy to get a great picture and it has a great depth of field so that only what I want in focus is actually in focus.

2. It does great bokeh. I LOVE bokeh. The depth of field can be so small that only a bugs little leg is in focus and everything else just melts into the background. (I am not sure why I would want a little bug leg in focus…but whatever!)

3. It is relatively light. Compared to the Canon 100mm it felt really lightweight on my camera.

4. The autofocus is really pretty quiet.

5. It has image stabilization which I desperately need in a lens. Apparently I shake like I am in an earthquake. I am so glad I am not a surgeon!


098 (3)

Here is what I don’t like-

1. In low light, it doesn’t auto-focus very well. This doesn’t matter to me too much since I like to manually focus when I am doing macro photography, but it can be a pain if you are trying to shoot Harley or something that is really fast moving.

2. Nothing else.


I love this lens. I would definitely recommend it.

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