Garden update

I have been out in the garden non-stop it seems. I have been thinking about the whole clean eating thing, and that got me thinking about just how big my garden is and what else I could add for next year.

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Lets start with tomatoes. Tomatoes are the whole reason why I have a garden. I LOVE them!  There is nothing quite like summer tomato. I usually start with 20 tomato plants. My favorites are Better Boys, Big Burpees, and cherry tomatoes. I planted some Roma’s this year for the first time since last year I stole lots of tomatoes from my neighbor Sarah and they were fantastic. I am also planning on making my own tomato sauce and Romas would be better for that. Harley gets his own grape tomato plant located right near the edge of the garden so the branches grown out of the fence. He loves to pick his own tomatoes off the vine, but if he had his way he would be sick from all the tomatoes he would be stealing. This way, he still gets to have his own tomatoes, but I know that he is not licking all of our vegetables. Win Win in my book   🙂

Next lets move on to peppers. I grow bell peppers, jalapeno peppers and banana peppers. Roughly 3 of each this year.   I use them to make salsa and fajitas. You can also freeze peppers which is nice so that we can have them in the winter too.  There is only so many peppers one can eat in a summer.

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I also grow squash. This year I thought I had bought zucchini but in fact it is squash. No problem, I steal some zucchini from my neighbor, since they have them growing out their ears it seems.  I planted 2 squash plants this year and they are out of control. Lots of squash for us. I am not sure if I can freeze squash, but I am attempting it. We will see.

I usually grow onions but last year the weeds took over so I didn’t bother this year. I am not missing them.
I also wanted to grown potatoes but did not get them in early enough. I am waiting to plant some in the fall once it’s not so hot.

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This is the middle of July and we are just now getting ripe tomatoes. We had to wait to plant this year until Memorial day weekend due to the cold weather. Usually everyone waits until Memorial day, but I like to get a jump on it and do it the middle of April. It is a gamble but it usually pays off. This year I just could not do it as it was freezing every night. So, now we wait…

I also attempted to plant lettuce this year. I had good luck last year, but this year it fizzled. So sad.

Squash is in full swing. Harley likes to  lay under the big leaves. He is a weird boy, that is for sure.

I tried my hand at corn last year, but never got a single ear since it was just too dry last year. I bought 12 bushels from Pray Corn in Lansing, and I LOVED it. It was worth the money and bonus, I don’t have to waste space in my garden. I will totally be buying from them as soon as it is available. I just drove by the field last weekend, and the corn is growing tall….Hurray!

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What do you plant in your garden?  What am I missing!

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