My first DLSR!!!

Momma, let me in!

Momma, let me in!

I am so excited right now. I finally went out and bought my first DLSR. I have wanted to buy a DSLR for many years, but when my beloved DSC H1 finally took a dive several years ago, I just couldn’t bring myself to spend the money on a decent DSLR. So, I settled for the new version of my old favorite…the DSC Hx1. Now, I loved that camera for the last 2 years, but I always wanted an SLR. Even though I could use full manual mode on my old camera, I craved the versatility of changing lenses, filters and being able to do more with my camera.


Dave decided to buy an SLR over Christmas last year and settled on the Canon T3i. I have been eyeing that camera ever since. Then, in an interesting twist, I realized that my neighbor Sara has a Canon T3i. I played with that camera for a couple of days, and then decided to at least look at the available SLR’s on the market.


My choices were….
the Nikon 3200
the Nikon 5200
Canon T3i
Canon T4i

I finally decided on the Canon T3i. I really had my eye on the Canon T4i, but just could not spend the money. I know, I am cheap! I found the Canon T3i for $549 at Meijer and then opened up a Meijer credit card and got an extra 15% off. So I feel like I got a deal. It came with a 15-55mm lens which I love. I have been fiddling with the manual modes all day. I pretty much focused on how to work the full manual mode and the aperture to get the best pictures. here is a little taste of what we did today.




Harley has decided he is the hansomest boy in the whole world!   Now I just have to work on lighting and I will be all set 🙂  It’s a work in progress….


Have a great week.

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