Enjoying the summer… and catching up


The entire month of May (and a little of June) has just flown by. Sorry for the absence. Every weekend this month I have been thinking of things to blog about and that I should really sit down at the computer and write it all out. Then, life happens apparently and I am off on some adventure. I will try to catch up 🙂

It has finally gotten warm here. It has been a really weird spring. We have had so much rain. The Grand River flooded in Grand Rapids and all the businesses were underwater. The people who lived on the lakefront were all under water as well. It was so bad. I had hoped to take pictures but could not get close to the water as all the barricades were up.  That finally has resolved. I am hoping that all the people are getting their homes back in order.

On a positive note, with all the rain it was a nice time to look at houses. We totally knew if any homes we were interested in had leaky basements.
On a sour note, we are still looking for a house to buy. I am really shocked that we cannot find anything. I remember telling our realtor that we were ok with not moving right away because we wanted to find the right house. I didn’t mean that we wanted to wait a year or anything!  The housing market here is just ridiculous. There was a whole month that we went without any new houses coming on to the market. We have looked at 6 houses so far, and all of them are just not what we want. Our most important things are large lot (1-2 acres), large garage or space to build a large garage (3-4 car) and ranch style. That should not be too difficult, but it is proving impossible. We are so happy that we did not put our house on the market yet.

Just sittin on my perch, minding my own business!

Just sittin on my perch, minding my own business!

Harley is excited too. He loves to sit on the edge of our deck and look out over the yard. He especially loves it outside when it is bedtime and he is supposed to be going potty. How can you blame him?

We saw one house that we loved but it was just too far away from work. Right now I spend about 45 minutes in good weather driving to work. We wanted to cut that down to about 20 minutes. Apparently everyone else is thinking that as well, because houses that do come on to the market sell within a week or two. I am sure something will come up. If not, at least we are building a bigger down-payment 🙂


Harley and I have been working out in the garden non-stop these last few weeks. Harley LOVES the garden. Everyday I come home from work and we go out to the garden to till up the garden, plant and water. Harley follows along patiently behind the tiller. Now all the plants are in. This year I planted 15 tomato plants, bell peppers, jalapeno peppers, squash, and eggplant.  I did not do any corn or onions this year. I am waiting for the fall to plant potatoes so we will see how that goes. I still am planning on getting in some spinach but I just have to figure out if I want to plant it in a container on the side of the garden or find a place somewhere inside the garden. Choices…choices!

I planted some tomatoes right near the edge of the garden so Harley can eat them. He is eager for these to grow 🙂

Otherwise, we have been going to the park and swimming in the lake. The water is high so Harley can wade in and he loves it. Sadly, our dog park does not have a lake front, so Harley has to stay on leash at the lake. He is not happy, but he is adjusting.

I hope everyone is having a great week.  I am sure June will have wonderful things in store.

Oh, by the way, my neighbor Sarah and I have restarted boot camp a couple of times a week and that is motivating me to work out like a crazy woman. This week here are the numbers from last week:
Sun- 2 mi run
Mon- Abs boot camp on my own (Sarah had the stomach flu, poor girl)
30 sec bicycle crunches
30 sec vertical leg crunches
60 sec plank
30 rep reverse crunches
60 sec flutter kicks
30 reps lying leg lifts
60 sec Russian twists
60 sec oblique v-ups
60 sec side plank
60 sec burpees
60 sec mountain climbers
It all took about 20 minutes and my abs were just slightly sore the next day.
Weds- Walk 2 mile
Thurs- rest
Fri- walk 2 mile
Sat-boot camp with Sarah
1 minute each with 20 sec rest
pushups, tricep dips, v-dips
repeat x 3
crunches, bicycles, plank, flutter kicks
repeat x 3
side plank left, side plank right, burpees, crunches
repeat x 3
runDSC02240Have a great week!

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Hi. My name is April. I am a runner, want to be photographer, and lover of all things dog. This is my space where I can keep track of all the Labrador antics as well as hopefully still maintain some semblance of a healthy lifestyle. Please come in and stay awhile
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