First stitchfix

Hi all. It is cold and grey here so it was the perfect time to work on the basement.I had this post started a while ago, and I just wanted to finish it up before Christmas. Work was going well. Not too busy, but not too slow either. We are interviewing for another Nurse Practitioner or Physician Assistant, so it is an exciting time around the office.

I got a surprise in the mail the other day that I wanted to share with you. I had signed up for Stitchfix before I left for Mayo, and it finally arrived. For those of you who do not know, Stitchfix is an online service where you can sign up (there is a short waiting list because it is in Beta form at the moment),  fill out a short profile outlining your style and sizing, and then a fashion expert picks out 6 things that they think you would like and sends them to you. The service costs $20 but if you keep the articles of clothing or accessories, then the $20 goes toward your purchase. So actually, you are only out the money if you send everything back. You keep what you like, and send the rest back in a supplied postage pre-paid envelope that you just drop in your mailbox.

Now let me explain a few things about myself. I hate to shop. I am the girl who takes one of everything into the dressing room, and comes out with maybe 1 shirt that I will buy. So, the idea of having someone else pick clothing for me kind of weirded me out. I tend to buy things without thinking about how it is going to fit into my existing wardrobe. The good thing about Stitchfix is that you can try things on and coordinate it with things that you already own, so you can tell if something doesn’t match.

In my stitch fix box, I got this cute little black shirt. I have to be honest, that when I picked this out of the box, I didn’t think it would work. I was pleasantly surprised. I can wear during a night out, but I can also put a little cami underneath and wear it to work.

This shirt is actually black, not sure why it photographed gray.

This shirt is actually black, not sure why it photographed gray.

The next thing I got in my box was this black sweater. Now, I would have NEVER picked this up if I were out shopping. I almost didn’t keep it because I would not wear it to work (it is a little to casual for the office) but it will be nice in the winter when I don’t want anything too tight, too long sleeve, or too short.

DSC01934It’s a bit hard to see because it is so dark, but here is a close up.


The other things in the box just did not work for me. I had requested to give me something that made me think outside of my usual comfort zone, and I think it was a little too far outside of my comfort zone. So, back it went at no charge.

The things that I liked about the experience was that it was fun to get a little package on my doorstep. It was like a little surprise present to myself before Christmas. The clothing and accessories were well priced. I am very picky, so if I can find something to like, then anyone can. I was surprised that the designer could pinpoint my style accurately. That was thanks to the profile that I filled out at the beginning. I would not use this as my primary form of shopping but it was a nice change. It also allowed me to coordinate my closet a little better. I ended up with things that I would not normally have even thought of twice. The downside it that if you don’t find anything you like, you are out $20 for the experience. So, it you are up to a little surprise in your life, go ahead and give it a try.


Harley liked the experience. He likes to help me open the boxes and sniff everything to make sure it is safe to proceed. Gotta love him.

Although he got a little bored at the end!


I did not receive any reimbursement for this post. As always my thoughts are my own. If you do sign up, you can use my blog name and I will get $25 off my next order. But honestly, I just wanted to try them for myself. I have another box coming in a couple of weeks just for a fun pick me up before Christmas.

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