Sick Harley and moms birthday

Hi all. Just wanted to drop you all a line to see what everyone has been up to. I have been a busy girl over my vacation. I just finished my kitchen redo tonight with pictures to come. I have been keeping pretty busy with that. On a separate note, my friend Jen had a baby shower last night and it was really nice. She is an RN that just graduated from Nurse Practitioner school land is still working at my old critical care unit until her babies are born. The party consisted of about 10 of the coolest RNs that I used to work with. It was really nice seeing everybody again. It’s weird to realize that two years has already gone by since I graduated from grad school and started my current career. It seems like just yesterday.

I don’t feel good momma

On a separate note, Harley has been sick again. It all started a couple of days ago when he started itching his side. Since his last hot spot viasco, we have been very vigilant to watch for hot spots and itchiness so when he started itching and shaking his ears (his telltale sign that something is brewing), we hopped on the Benadryl train. We got this new dog shampoo touted to be anti-itch and specifically for hot spots, so we decided to give him a bath. That’s when we noticed the small area of blood on his right shoulder where he had itched himself raw, poor boy. We decided to double dose him Benadryl (that’s 3 tabs every 4 hours for a 75 pound dog which is more than I have every felt comfortable giving him before). That just wasn’t cutting it, and 2 nights ago it culminated in Harley crying all night. He is so sad because he lays by my side of the bed, cries and then all of a sudden with just jump up and run under the computer desk and hides. So, we called the vet and he gave us prednisone which is a strong anti-inflammatory which has helped considerably. We were supposed to go up to my mom’s house for her birthday yesterday afternoon and spend the night, (Happy Birthday mom) but elected to go up there on today instead since none of us has slept in 2 days and we are all a little tightly wound. Everyone got a good night sleep last night and now we are raring to go. There is a lot of playing with the pups at mom’s house and socializing with family in our future.

If anyone has a dog with hot spots, here are a few helpful tips to treat them before they get bad.

1. shave the area as close as you can to the skin.

2. clean it well with hydrogen peroxide. This is Harley’s favorite part because he just closes his eyes and kicks his leg like it feels so good.

3. let it dry thoroughly.  Keep the area really really dry. Keep the dog from licking it.

4. Do not put anything on the area that was not given to you by your vet. If it does not start healing in a few days, go see your vet as it may be infected and need antibiotics.

The last time Harley had a hot spot, all he wanted to do was scratch the skin off of it, and it was already a doozy of a wound, so we resorted to putting an ace bandage over the area (which consisted of wrapping several ace bandages together and wrapping them around his torso and neck) and then putting an old tank top or t-shirt of mine over the whole thing so we could sleep at night. That really seemed to help although he hated the whole ordeal. At least we could sleep and know he wasn’t scratching the area and making it worse.

I hate hot spots!

I hope all is well in your neck of the woods and everyone has a great weekend.

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Hi. My name is April. I am a runner, want to be photographer, and lover of all things dog. This is my space where I can keep track of all the Labrador antics as well as hopefully still maintain some semblance of a healthy lifestyle. Please come in and stay awhile
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    that is a shame

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