Weekly round-up

Sorry for the late posting. I got carried away over the weekend. As always happens, once you go back to work after taking a week off, there was a lot of catch-up that needed to be done. There were a million patients to be seen in the office, and I pulled some pretty long stressful hours with not many lunch breaks. It was nice to get away though and recharge my batteries though. Isn’t it funny how you like your job so much more when you can get away from it for a while! I was ready for Friday though and boy, did we have a packed weekend. Over the week, I bought a handgun. This is so unlike me, and for those of you who know me well, this is going to be a huge shocker. I bought this little guy…and it is so fun. It is a Bersa 9mm compact.

I waited all week to shoot it.  The in-laws came over on Saturday after Nathan’s dad got out of work. We had dinner at Olive Garden that night and went home to our house to play cards. We stayed way up past our bedtime…and had to crash at about 11:30. I know. LIVIN IT UP!  Anyway, the in-laws brought their pups with them as well. Meet Annie (Harley’s sister) and Bear.

Meet Harley’s sister Annie. How lovely she is.

Bear Bear. He’s a wily one.

Harley had about 1 hour sleep before he felt it was time to play. He whined pretty much nonstop all night. Nathan and I almost murdered him. He does not know how close he came. We ended up kicking him out of our room and making him stay in the living room for the rest of the night. He’s pretty good about letting us sleep normally, but when there are doggy friends in the house, all bets are off.

Nathan’s mom wanted to go and pick blueberries and I knew it was the last week for it so we headed out. I totally forgot that they were closed on Sundays, but the good folks at Duke Creek allowed us to pick anyways. They are so awesome. We ended up getting 22 pounds of blueberries on Sunday to send home for Nathan’s mom and grandma. Awesome. I am officially blueberried out!

So, then, we went to go shoot. We had my 9mm Bersa and Nathan’s 9mm Ruger, his shotgun as well as Nathan’s grandmother’s new revolver that she got for “home protection”. We spent about 2 hours and went through about 250 bullets. It was really fun. I am not a hunter, but I do enjoy a little target practice. After that, we worked up quite an appetite. I had planned on making waffles with blueberry syrup for breakfast, but the blueberry picking kind of side stepped that plan. We ended up going to Pizza Hut and having the best pizza I think I have ever eaten. I think we were pretty famished.

Harley had to get in on the action as he thought my gun was pretty awesome as well. Here he is just hangin tough.

Momma, why do you insist on embarrassing me?

That is the weekend. Oh, I ended up going and getting some killer sandals as well. Just in time for the middle of summer. Better late that never I guess. I hope you guys have a great week.



About Save the Treats for the Dog

Hi. My name is April. I am a runner, want to be photographer, and lover of all things dog. This is my space where I can keep track of all the Labrador antics as well as hopefully still maintain some semblance of a healthy lifestyle. Please come in and stay awhile
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