Weekend Roundup

This weekend was so fun. I had a rather busy day at work and did not leave the office until 6pm. That is ok though, because Friday started the beginning of my vacation! I was so excited. I have not taken a vacation in such a long time. I really needed it. It was such a beautiful night that I picked up a pizza, rushed home just to sit outside in the cooler (80 degree) air. Then, Nathan and I washed and waxed my care while Harley oversaw the whole operation. He approved of the job we did. He even helped me clean the car mats…and by helped I mean sat right near them so that I could not spray them off with water (he doesn’t care for the spraying water much, and tends to huff and give dirty looks if he gets sprayed). On Saturday, Harley and I went out and weeded the garden a little more…I know…shocking. Harley was such a help and again, oversaw the whole process as shown here. 

Lookin good mamma, keep up the good work!

After that, we hurried over to the in-laws house. We had promised Harley that we would take him and his sister Annie the dog park but sadly, it was not meant to be. He spent the whole day dreaming of the park and missed opportunities to play in the lake and chase all the other dogs. So sad. Of course, he has good memories of the Soldan Dog park in Lansing, Mi. If you are in the area, stop by. You will not regret it . That is another post all-together. We finally came home around 11pm (way past our bedtime) and went straight to bed. Of note, we did find the best sweet corn in Michigan, I swear. It is at Pray Farms and I will have to share it with you guys.  I am waiting until next weekend to go back and get a great big bushel. I will take pictures. I promise.

Today, Harley and I started the day with more gardening. My tomatoes look pretty pitiful due to the lack of rain and all the 100 degree weather. I am trying to keep ahead of the curve and water like crazy, but I am no match for mother nature. After I was done cutting dead branches and letting the tomato plants breathe a little, they look better. It was obscenely hot out there. At first, it started out ok, but the moment I really got working, I noticed just how hot it really was. Even my glasses were fogging. We are crossing our fingers for rain this week.  Not EVERYDAY while I am vacation, mind you, but just a little rain would be nice 🙂  Harley keeps looking for rain, but none comes. Poor boy.

I ran a little mile and did some cross-training (50 sit ups, 30 leg raises, 15 push ups and planks) to get ready for Tuesday when I go back to Megan from the YMCA and she tries to kill me with boot camp. I am up for it though. Tomorrow I work just half a day with 2 meetings and one patient, and then I am FREEEEEEE!  Woopie!  I am going to have to make the best of my stay-cation.

About Save the Treats for the Dog

Hi. My name is April. I am a runner, want to be photographer, and lover of all things dog. This is my space where I can keep track of all the Labrador antics as well as hopefully still maintain some semblance of a healthy lifestyle. Please come in and stay awhile
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